Laurelyn Keener, DVM
Julie Layeux-Parks, DVM
Alli Delheimer, DVM

Licensed in MN, WI & ND

What's Dr. Bowman Up To?

Richard Bowman, DVM, a graduate of Kansas State Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine, became interested in Equine Dentistry while practicing large animal medicine in southwestern North Dakota. 

In 2000, he decided to limit his practice to equine dentistry and began traveling. His concept of a mobile dental office came to fruition in 2001 when he had one of the first dental trailers in the US built. As business boomed, the practiced covered ND, MN and parts of WI, IA, MO, KS, SD and CO.

Since retiring from veterinary dentistry in 2013, Dr. Bowman continues to work as a State Veterinarian for the Minnesota Horse Racing Commission at Canterbury Park May through September. He operates a beef ranch with his brother in southwestern North Dakota, and rehabilitates and rehomes injured Thoroughbreds. 

In his free time, Dr. Bowman enjoys hunting, riding and scuba-diving. 

In the spring of 2014, Dr. Bowman hosted veterinary students at his ranch in Rhame as he has done for several years. The opportunity to help with calving, castration and of course, dentistry (with Drs. Keener and Parks) is one that several students took advantage of this spring. As a treat to Dr. the students presented him with this sign. As you can imagine - he got quite a kick out of it!

2015 has nearly passed us by, and no surprise, Dr. Bowman continued to be a very busy man...

  • Feb - June, Dr. Bowman and his brother calfed out their heifers at the ranch in Rhame
  • March - Another great year hosting and teaching veterinary students
  • June - Sept - Yet another year at the race track, but this year, Dr. Bowman had the honor of being inducted into Canterbury's Hall of Fame!
  • This fall and winter may be quiet for Dr. Bowman, but that is unlikely with this man... we will keep you posted...

Everyone wonders, what is Doc doing with all his time... in reality we are not sure he has gained any in retirement! Here is a little recap of Dr. Bowman's 2014...

  • Feb - June 2014, Dr. Bowman and his brother calf out their heifers
  • March 2014, Seven veterinary students (and Drs Keener & Parks) spend time at the ranch learning/teaching dentistry on the rescue horses
  • June - Sept 2014, Dr. Bowman heads back to MN for another season of vet work at Canturbury
    • Ongoing - the transfer of new rescues to Bowman's Second Chance
  • July 2014, Doc's son Seth was married in Bismark, ND! 

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