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Our Support Staff



Bobbi began behind the scenes at North Wind Equine in the fall of 2013. Her goal: to manage the paperwork and help NWE toward becoming a computerized practice. By the spring of 2014 with 2 doctors and rigs running across 3 states, it became apparent that we needed to bring in reinforcements for scheduling. Bobbi bravely stepped up to this task and handled our scheduling until 2016, when she decided she wanted to stay part-time and we decided scheduling was (more than) a full-time job! 


Bobbi recently retired from a nearly 37-year career as a registered nurse in Duluth. Though still a very busy woman, somehow she manages to find time for riding, gardening, sewing, biking, and spending time with her family.



Canzira, our practice manager, joined us in June of 2016. After eight years of working in financial services in Chicago, she left the world of skyscrapers and suits behind for the world of trailers and teeth. Her office looks a bit different now, but the view is much nicer. When not helping to wrangle North Wind Equine’s patients, files, and veterinarians, Canzira enjoys traveling the world and avoiding cameras. Pictured above: Canzira’s shadow (and shoulder) in Australia, Canzira’s shadow in Italy, Canzira’s feet in Lesotho, Canzira’s silhouette in Peru, Canzira’s silhouette in Ireland, Canzira’s shadow (and Dr. Keener’s shadow) in India, and Canzira’s shadow in England.



Adam is our fearless receptionist and scheduler!  He joined North Wind Equine in the fall of 2018.  In his free time he is entertained by his cats. 

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