Where We Travel

Map no Dr. Parks.png

The veterinarians at North Wind Equine are licensed in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.  The map above shows the locations and service areas of our two veterinarians, Dr. Laurelyn Keener and Dr. Alli Delheimer.  


Please note that Dr. Julie Layeux-Parks is now Evolve Equine Veterinary Dentistry (outlined in purple).  If you are in her region, please contact her at:  


612-280-6049 (text or call)

Call charges are based on the drive time for the veterinarian in your region and are split between the number of horses at the stop. 


Providing us with the physical address where your horse is located will allow us to give you an accurate call charge quote.  Clients are welcome to group together to split call charges between multiple people/horses.  We also have common areas where it is possible to join an already established group to split the call with others.  These areas currently include: 

  • Bismarck, ND (4-5 times per year during the spring/summer/fall)

  • Dickinson, ND (2 times per year - once in the spring and once in the fall)

  • Rhame, ND (2 times per year - once in the spring and once in the fall)

  • East Grand Forks, MN (as requested)

  • Brainerd, MN (4-5 times per year during the spring/summer/fall - a current coggins is required for the barn owner at this facility)

  • Other areas may be available.  If you are interested in hauling to lower your call charge, please contact us.