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Our Services

North Wind Equine, LLC is proud to offer state of the art equine veterinary dental care.  We offer you and your horse a safe, convenient and controlled environment where we are able to perform thorough oral examination, determine your horses individual needs and follow through with a treatment plan. 

Our services include: 

  • Comprehensive oral and dental examinations for equids of all ages 

    • We recommend seeing young equids before they are bitted or the year they turn 2.  They should be examined twice yearly until they have full dentition, generally around the age of 5. 

    • Adult horses (older than 5) are generally examined once to twice yearly depending on the individual patient's dental health. 

  • Routine dental maintenance ("floating")

  • Correcting or leveling malocclusions

  • Nutritional consultation for "hard-keepers" or horses with dental issues

  • Digital Radiography ("x-rays")

  • Periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment/management options

  • Basic extractions (wolf teeth and retained deciduous teeth, or "caps")

  • Advanced extractions for diseased permanent teeth

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