Dr. Keener will be having ankle surgery over the winter this year. During her recovery, we will not be scheduling routine dental appointments. We anticipate that she will be able to resume her full schedule in March of 2023.


Currently, Dr. Keener's schedule is booked through her surgery date in December with the exception of extractions and appointments for urgent dental concerns. Urgent dental concerns may include:

  • an issue referred for urgent treatment by another veterinarian

  • significant weight loss despite appropriate nutrition

  • thick, foul-smelling drainage from one nostril, the face, or the jaw

  • sudden change in eating behavior (such as stretching neck when chewing, clicking/clunking noise when chewing, tilting head to the side when chewing)

Please let us know if you need to schedule an extraction or believe your animal has an urgent dental concern.


We will be holding haul-in days at the Dirt Floor Arena in Proctor in order to make up for the lost availability. You can sign up for an appointment at the Dirt Floor Arena below.


Appointments are also available at Heart & Hooves in Deer River (contact the office for the sign-up information).


During Dr. Keener’s recovery in January and February, we plan on arranging limited appointments for urgent dental concerns. Please continue to contact us for these urgent concerns as you normally would.


We will begin taking reservations for routine 2023 appointments on January 1st.

Sign up for a haul-in appointment

If you have trouble with payment via the online booking system or prefer to pay with a credit card, please use this link to pay your deposit. (After clicking "Pay and Schedule Appointment" above, cancel out and pay via the link to the right. We will add your payment to the booking so your appointment will not be cancelled.)